Welcome to Vtrack, The one stop GPS and Fleet Management Solution
Vtrack is a leading provider of Location Based Technology & Mobile-2-Mobile (M2M) solutions for in-vehicle safety, security and communication services using wireless technology and Global Position Systems (GPS). These solutions combined with real time monitoring services provide company managers and fleet owners with the peace of mind and security they need to ensure that their fleet is operating at optimal levels, while efficiency is continually monitored for improvement. The Vtrack team brings over technology development experience within the transportation sector and has built patented technology solutions.
The Vtrack solution enables customization that meets our client’s exact specification. This gives Vtrack the ability to deliver custom solutions that work for our clients needs. Currently operating on three continents, we are exclusively positioned to provide a unified solution to our multinational clients anywhere in the world.
Some of the many advantages the Vtrack
system can provide:
  Knowledge at your fingertips
  Useful reporting
Overview of private mileage
Reduction in travel expenditure
Proof of delivery or work
Enhanced service levels
3rd Party back office application interfaces.
Real-time location to identify nearest vehicle.
3rd Party back office application interfaces.
Build your own reports to access the data.
Clear and concise reports providing accurate fleet performance data
Identify areas of underperformance and inefficiency within your fleet
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